Social Media has changed the rules of marketing events. With messages being communicated to millions of people in just the click of a button, businesses must adapt or risk being left behind. So, how can you use this powerful tool to market your event?

Social Media websites such as Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn are free marketing resources that every business can embrace without needing extensive technical knowledge. Here are 10 ways to use social media when managing an event:

RESEARCH – Find out what is being said! Ask questions and get immediate responses. Test the market with new ideas. Find out what is important to your audience and build your event strategy accordingly.

SALES – Promoting an event? You don’t need to create fancy flyers. Tell your followers about it on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

DATABASE – All three social networking sites are a great way to build your event sales database. You can even arrange contacts into lists and groups. Watch your database grow as new potential attendees come to you!

CUSTOMER SERVICE – The old saying goes, “If you satisfy a customer, they tell three people. If you upset a customer, they will tell nine people.” Monitor what is being said about your event and take action, immediately.

PR – Create a buzz! Viral Marketing is easy when your twitter followers start retweeting your posts to their followers. And those followers retweet to their followers, and so on, and so on.

PROMOTION – Invite people to events directly by tagging them in or sending them a private message. Sign them up for contests. There are plenty of ways in which you get the word out about an event or promotion.

VIP CONTACTS – Keep in touch with that company director and VIP attendee – LinkedIn and Twitter are perfect tools for this!

NETWORKING – Keep everyone up to date with what you are doing. Likewise, keep up to date with what everyone else is doing, too.

REFERRALS – LinkedIn has a specific feature for recommendations. Get your clients and partners to write one for your event and then use it as a testimonial in your event literature and online.

RECRUITMENT – Recruit entertainers, sponsors and more for your event through social media – especially if its theme based!

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