PA’s are busy people who thrive on juggling priorities and meeting tight deadlines.  They are often tasked with organising many types of events, all to be delivered on time and on budget.  Sometimes using an event management company is a sensible option, and here our very own Office Manager, Ness, discusses some revealing reasons why …

1. Try something a bit different

People get excited by trying something different, so don’t just go back to the same hotel you went to last year.  Event management companies can help you find a unique venue or choose a theme for your event that will make your attendees want to come back next year.  How about a Bollywood themed gala dinner or a truly memorable venue?

2. Getting a Good Deal

Many PA’s don’t realise the options that are out there when choosing a venue, you don’t need to pick the standard menu’s or packages, you can tailor to your requirements and budget.  Event management companies can take all the hard work away by securing a venue or hotel FOC.  They know all the extra’s you can get to make your event really special and they have built up strong relationships with many hotels that can make a big difference in negotiating rates.

3. Production

For smaller conferences and internal events you may find Powerpoint presentations are probably fine.    If you’ve got attendees coming from outside the company it makes a real impact if you choose a more elaborate presentation style, maybe transitioning slides or building in film clips – you will need professional help to achieve this.

4. Getting Everyone There

Booking transport and hotels for events can be a bit of a headache for busy PA’s.   If it’s in the UK then it’s a matter of booking flights, cars and trains to get everyone where they need to be.

Once events start going abroad, then you need even more help to plan it all.  It’s not just a case of going through a travel agent to book flights – how about transfers, where to go for dinner and what you can do at the destination?

5. Maximising Attendance

It’s not enough to organise an amazing conference or exhibition – you need to get enough people attending.  Event management companies are experienced in generating event attendance through targeted exhibitor, delegate and sponsorship marketing and telesales. Speaking to attendees is the best way to guarantee a sell out event.


If you would like some help with an event do get in touch with us – we would love to hear from you. You can event take advantage of our Hour Of Power – find out more here.


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