When your boss asks you to arrange a company event, what do you do first? There is so much to think about and usually very little time. One of the most important jobs is to find the right venue – it needs to match the event strategy, audience, budget and company needs. It’s not an easy task and most likely will be hugely time consuming at first but once secured, a great venue can make an event IMPRESS!

Here, our very own Becky Herbert, Senior Event Executive, discusses a 4-step approach for PA’s to finding great event venues.

1) Location

The location is a crucial element of an event – you need to make sure everyone can reach the destination to make it happen! Some venues have great transport connections via public transport. If you are booking a venue outside of a city or in a more rural location, it is always worth checking with the venue to see if they can arrange a shuttle service. This may be an additional cost, but it could be offered complementary.  If it can be arranged it will avoid any of your guests getting lost on their way and will be peace of mind for you.

2) Try the product first

You may be in the process of communicating with the venue to arrange a site visit, costs etc. Do not be afraid to ask the venue if you can come along to the venue perhaps stay overnight, try the food, leisure facilities or other products and services. This is the only way you will get a true understanding if this is the right venue for your event. Many venues will offer you a ‘try before you buy’ service complimentary. It will also give you the opportunity to raise any concerns or questions prior to confirming your booking.

3) Negotiate

Once you send the initial enquiry to a venue they will go through the full event details and provide you with a quote. Although some of these prices may be fixed it is always good to try and negotiate a deal. There are a few ways you can approach this;

If your dates are flexible this will be an advantage for you as the venue may offer days where the price can be reduced depending on availability at the venue (usually classed as off-peak).

Research some local competitors get an idea of their pricing and what they can offer, if they offer lower – see if the venue can match.

Sometimes there is no movement on the price if you are fixed on your dates and it is a peak day at the venue. However, you could suggest some added extras complimentary to benefit your event or your guests such as upgraded bedrooms for VIP guests, complimentary drinks reception, additional AV/staging or SPA treatments (venue dependent).

There is always a way to get a good deal, don’t hesitate to ask the venue!

4) Work with the venue

If anyone knows what will and won’t work for an event it will be the venue. They would have done many events similar to what you are looking to arrange and will have the experience. Make sure you communicate the full brief of the event so they can get a clear understanding of what you are aiming to achieve. They may have some ideas which have been proven to work at other events and could really fit in with your event. Anything you are unsure of always check with the venue and never assume as each venue works differently. It is always beneficial to go to the venue and arrange a meeting with your co-ordinator this is great during the planning processes. When all event details have been finalised always run through every detail with the venue to ensure every aspect has been communicated and both have a clear understanding so you can work together.

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