NACC Bollywood Dinner

National Association of Care Catering

Event Type:
Pre-conference themed dinner

200 attendees

East Midlands Conference Centre


  • Create a unique ice-breaker evening, where delegates and exhibitors can network in a fun and informal environment
  • On a modest budget re-create a Bollywood filmset where food, entertainment and the delegate experience is themed cohesively.


  • Room decor – bright coloured chair covers, linens, centre pieces, flowers, candles and lots of gold!
  • Bollywood based paraphanelia for tables – jewellery, authentic sweets and sound makers for delegates to use during the evening
  • F&B – we worked with the chef from the venue and recreated an indian cuisine feast that was served family style
  • Themed entertainment – bollywood satar musicians to begin, followed by bengali dancers
  • Crew and organisers wore fancy dress costumers and encouraged delegates to do so

“Every McCullough Moore organised conference I’ve attended has been excellent, from the communication, support and management through to the entertainment, table displays and food. They are a great team and I would highly recommend them.”

Adam Michallat-Cox, Managing Director, Wiltshire Farm Foods