Conducting research, collecting data, analysing data, leaving it until the end of the event and then worrying about how to report back to stakeholders where all their money was spent… It is the tedious stage of event management organisers dread.

However, it is also one of the key elements in running a successful event which is often forgotten.

Take a look at our top tips to help with evaluating your event.


Set goals – It is easy to get overwhelmed in evaluating events, so try to set goals by which it is possible to measure the success of the event. Setting these benchmarks against the aims and objectives of the event will help to determine which factors of the event should be measured and how.

Start at the beginning – Evaluation should occur throughout the entire event management process, right from the initial concept. Leaving evaluations to the end of an event means details are often forgotten and adjustments cannot be made. Try using a feasibility study and conducting market research in the planning stages to identify the level of resources required due to demand and audience requirements.

Observe the event – By observing the event as it is happening, you can make changes to improve the overall delivery of the event. Try putting yourself in the shoes of the attendee, asking yourself how well the event is working or how it could be better. This way you can continually improve the attendee’s experience.

Collecting data – Information can be collected through ticket sales, figures on the use of public transport, direct observation at an event and questionnaires or surveys. Using a range of methods will result in a collection of robust data for reliable analysis.

Give feedback – Stakeholders of the event like to know what the outcome of their event was, where sponsors money has been spent and how successful the event has been. This can be arranged through a final evaluation report.


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