Have you been given the task of organising a low profile event that has little press interest?  Wondering how to market an event so that you attract the right audience in the best way?

Read on for McCullough Moore’s top tips on how to market your event!


  1. Consumers follow a set decision–making process: they decide whether attending an event will satisfy a certain need, search for information about a similar experience in different media and evaluate alternatives by comparing the need to attend the event against a list of attributes. You therefore need to provide the consumer with as much information as possible about the event, in the most appropriate format, so that the chances of them deciding to attend increase.  Be aware that various needs can affect a consumer’s final decision including family influences, personality and reference groups – try to appease these needs in the information that you provide.


  1. Is the event venue appropriate in relation to the image and message you are trying to give? Do not just go for the cheapest option because you think it will save money – choose a location that will attract delegates and exhibitors to your event instead of putting them off.


  1. It is important to set the right price to charge exhibitors to display their products and services and delegates to attend the event. Set a price too low and the message that might come across to your target market is that your client is not creditable. On the other hand, if you set a price too high, the chances of people attending the event will drop dramatically.


  1. Make sure that you use as many avenues of promotion as possible. If you can only dedicate a small budget towards advertising and publicity, think about what forms of promotion will be the most useful and which will be seen by the most people.  If you have the resources available, try to create as many promotional aids in house as you can so the clients budget can used for other things.


Once your event has taken place, you should start to consider how you could improve on it for next year (if it is an annual event).  Contacting individuals who attended the event and asking for their feedback shows that you take their opinion into account and is a clever marketing tactic for getting them to come back next year.

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