So you have been given the task of organising a fundraising charity event.  Not sure where to start? Struggling to decide on a theme/idea or struggling to attract your target market?

Here are McCullough Moore’s top 5 tips to help you organise a successful charity event.

  1. Research similar successful events

Look at charity events that occur in your local area and which of those have been successful. You may notice a gap in the event calendar – for example there may be no charity events in the months of June – August.  Some charities may be interested in developing specific events in certain areas but need local volunteers to run it! Look for those charities that are present in the community and which of those are lacking in fundraising events, they will be grateful for your help.

  1. Form an organising committee

Organising a charity event is too big a job for one person so why not source some people to help?  Get some help from an event management company or colleagues. Once a committee is arranged, it may help to divide up the work load by the different areas e.g. logistics, catering, entertainment etc.  Make sure you also organise regular committee meetings so you can catch each other up on your progress!

  1. Decide On A Theme

Look back at your research of other charity events – are there any gaps in the types of event?  For example are there several sponsored walks but no family fun days?  Once you have identified missing events, bullet point ideas with your committee on what you feel could be successful in the area and what you feel you can all arrange together with relative ease.  Once you have your amazing idea you can begin organising!

  1. Sourcing Gifts In Kind

Finding those companies that are willing to help you with your event for little or no cost can be tricky.  Ensure that you make the company aware what you can offer them in return for example, you could publish their company logo in your programme which has the opportunity to be seen by all of your attendees.  Also liaise with the charity itself as many charities have specific companies which support them and will be more than willing to help! Event management companies may also offer reduced rates for charitable event support. It’s worth asking!

  1. Successful Marketing

It is important that your target market know that your event exists and why they should come.  Contact your local newspapers or radio stations as they are often looking for charity events to promote and cover.  Don’t forget that social media will be one of the most powerful marketing tools! Ensure that all marketing options are covered so that everyone possible is aware of your event and how amazing it is – and don’t forget to ask everyone involved to use their marketing channels too!

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