At McCullough Moore, we believe the post-event stage is just as important as the event itself. But we see so many clients forget this part – and sigh with relief once the event is over, only to forget to find out what worked and what didn’t, or to say thanks to those that supported the event.

We feel so strongly about this, we have written this list of the top 3 things that are vital not to forget after an event!

1) Show your appreciation

Send ‘thank yous’ to all stakeholders involved in the event – from speakers through to suppliers and attendees. One idea we sometimes use is to send a video thank you! Everyone works so hard as a team to bring an event together so it should always be acknowledged. Ideally you’d look to send a thank you within 48 hours of event completion.


2) Budget reconciliation

Whether your event is a promotional cost to the business or you’re running it to make a profit, careful budget reconciliation is always essential. Check carefully all third party supplier bills, but in particular always scrutinise the hotel / venue bill! This is the most complex bill you’ll receive and 9 times out of 10 there will be a discrepancy in your favour so watch out for this.


3) Feedback and wash up meetings

Ask for feedback from your delegates, speakers and exhibitors if you have them so you can improve your event year on year. Use questions that can be scored and written feedback questions.

Scores are a useful checkpoint, and you can measure and track changes in score over time, but it’s the written feedback which accompanies the scores which tells a story and will help you improve your event next time.

Have a wash up meeting with the key people involved in the event and go through every aspect of the event that worked and didn’t work. You’ll analyse the results of the attendee feedback and use this to make plans and recommendations for the next event.


Good luck!

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