So – you have been given the job of arranging the staff or client Christmas party. Uh Oh. Gulp. Now what? The expectations are high – the pressure is on!

But it’s not so bad – here are our McCullough Moore top 10 tips on getting it just right!

  1. Budget – Your Christmas party largely depends on your available budget, and who will be attending. Always stick to your budget and make sure your attendees know what they need to contribute if they do! Nothing dampens Christmas spirit like a last minute bill they weren’t expecting!
  2. Set a date –  Make sure you inform everyone in good time – remember you’ll never please everyone so at some point you have to make a call!
  3. Venue – Once you know roughly how many people will be attending and an approximate date you can start looking for your perfect venue. Remember most venues will be booked for Christmas parties by late summer, so start planning early.
  4. Get recommendations – Suggestions from friends and colleagues are always a good idea to look into as the venue is tried and tested – but make sure it was from a recent visit as you don’t want to get caught out!
  5. Involve the team – It’s always a good idea to poll the team to see what they would like to do for their Christmas party. One person thinking it might make a nice change to have a curry might not be to everyone’s liking but you might get a general consensus on something else!
  6. Use an event package if you haven’t got the time – If you’re looking for a combination of good food, music and dancing, look for organised Christmas parties, run by most hotels or other venues. Or use an event management company to run it at the venue of your choice. This way you’ll have the benefit of professional organisers and they will take care of everything for you from the room and table decorations, to the entertainment – so you can relax and have a good time too! This works particularly well for smaller companies or teams where costs for an event management company will be cheaper.
  7. Create the right atmosphere – Create the right festive atmosphere using creative lighting, decorations and appropriate music. Alternatively, choose a theme such as Black & White, Fire & Ice, Bollywood, Films, Black tie, 70’s – this will help keep it focused!
  8. Party food and drinks – Depending on the type of party either keep it simple, fun and festive with party hors d’oeuvres. Or, keep it traditional and offer roast turkey with all the trimmings. Make sure you know where people can grab a drink too!
  9. Party games and entertainment – Make sure guests are kept entertained throughout the evening, but that the games are fun, easy and relevant! Games are not for everyone so don’t make them mandatory! Giveaways are always well received!
  10. Keeping it green – In today’s society we should be more environmentally friendly…. make sure ALL bottles, cans and paper gets recycled after the party.


Parties are a great opportunity to share a jolly and festive time with your colleagues. Remember, it only happens once a year!  Enjoy the good food, drinks and maybe even the silly games while you can!

And maybe next year use us to manage it for you – so you can enjoy the party too!

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